Sydney Estonian house

The Estonian House Co-operative Society Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation that owns and maintains the Sydney Estonian House. The sole purpose of the co-operative is to provide a home for the Estonian community in Sydney to maintain and enhance Estonian culture.

The Co-operative works with the Estonian Society of Sydney (Sydney Eesti Selts) to manage the building for the many user groups.

The Co-operative was founded in April 1938 and purchased land at 141 Campbell St. Construction commenced quickly and in 1940 the Sydney Eesti Maja was opened – the first Estonian House outside Estonia.

In 1945 neighbouring land was purchased to expand the house. The extension was completed in 1958.

Membership of the Co-operative is open to everyone with a connection with the Estonian community. 

Sydney Eesti Maja at opening in 1940
Building the Eesti Maja extension in 1956